What exactly is Quiet Times for Kids?​

Quiet Times for Kids is a series of independent Bible study resources.
Our topical studies can be purchased individually according to your
child's needs and downloaded as a PDF.

How does Quiet Times for Kids work?

Based on prompts within our studies, children create personal
Bible Study Notebooks to help them better understand God's Word
and to record their spiritual growth.

What are Morning Times?

“Morning Time places first things first- a liturgy of love.
When you are trying to teach from a state of rest, a Morning Time routine helps put the emphasis on loving, going deep, and relishing rather than on getting through. It’s also a way to simplify.” - Sarah Mackenzie

What are CC Morning Time Plans?

Morning Time is simply a moment set aside in our school day to order our affections, fill our souls, and enjoy the delightful ‘extras’ that often get shoved to the back of our school day.

CC Morning Plans connect all of this to CC memory work!