We are the Davidson Family We live in Parker, Colorado. We are a homeschooling family blessed with six beautiful children and hoping for more. If you are like us, more than anything you deeply desire to encourage in your children a love for the Word of God and an understanding of the powerful truths it contains. We created Quiet Times for Kids because we noticed a deep need to fill our children’s spirits with Truth from God’s Word and not just simply fill their time while Mama was busy meeting the needs of the little ones. We pray this site is a blessing to you!

So what exactly is Quiet Times for Kids? Quiet Times for Kids is a series of independent bible study resources specifically designed to develop quiet time habits in young children that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Quiet Times for Kids is created for ages 5 and older and provides a great way for children to study their Bibles and develop independent learning skills while they’re at it!

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