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“I recently purchased your Cycle 3 Morning Time Plan.  I have been a CC mom for over 7 years, 4 kids, oldest is in Foundations and Essentials.

While reading through the plan, I found your NAMES Tool and explanation.  I was at Practicum this year (I’m also a Support Representative, but because of that, I tend to be floating around during the sessions ;). I completely missed this theory behind the memory work.

 Now going through cycle 3 for our third time… I have felt a bit like memory work has become drudgery.  I don’t nearly enjoy as much as I used to and I think my kids sense that as well.  After reading your words of wisdom and explanation for the acronym…. You have renewed my soul and spirit towards memory work.  I feel like I have a new starting point and better understanding. 

 My kids have not memory mastered yet, but have always been fairly good with the material.  I haven’t pushed memory master because I really wanted to get more joy out of it besides the drilling… and that’s where my heart has been stuck the last year or so.  Where is the joy?!  But what a blessing your words have come in the timing that God knew my heart was ready for.  Thank you Thank you!!  I’m so excited!  I really needed this as we head into Christmas break.  Looking forward to diving back into memory work with a better attitude :)”

 -Ellen Davis

As a Mom, I love the Quiet Times for Kids series because it’s an opportunity for even my small children to search the Bible and get involved with their own personal Bible study. I also love how it allows them to work independently as I help the very youngest children in our family. My kids can’t wait for the next Bible study!
– Mandie (Mother of Five)



I have done the Proverbs Study, the Church History Study, the Sermon Notes, 30 Days With Jesus and I am now working on Animals in the Bible right now. I like doing these because I feel that it draws me closer to God and Jesus and I think it is fun too! I enjoy the church history study the most probably. I also like to draw and it gives me a chance to practice that, and helps me with my handwriting also!
– Talitha (Age 10)



My favorite part about Quiet Times for Kids is looking up verses and drawing pictures of animals. It helps me learn the bible better. I think these studies are good because it shows kids what the bible says about many things. It really helps me learn about church history to do the Trial and Triumph pages.
– Asher (Age 8 )





I really liked it – it was easy and fun. I liked that it was spaced out and not crammed together. It seems like a good one for little kids and an easy one for older kids.
Grace (Age – 11)


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